April 13th, 2010

For the Non-Fiction Challenge

Author: GamgeeFest
Title: Ring-bearers, Aging and Life in Aman
Topic: How would living in Aman effect the hobbits’ aging process?
Rating: G
Beta: dreamflower02
Author's Notes: This essay started as a response to this thread topic on the SF-Fandom forums, so you can blame Michael Martinez, RobRoy, Alvin Eriol and the other boys over there for getting me going in this direction in the first place. My 'quick' response soon grew too long for a simple post, so I decided to turn it into an essay instead. This is my first essay in years, so be kind. :)
Summary: Nearly all fan fictions that I have read depict Sam reuniting with Frodo in the West. But would such a reunion really be possible?
Word Count: 5,114

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