May 19th, 2010


The One Left Out of the Conspiracy - by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: The One Left Out of the Conspiracy
Topic: tying up loose ends
Rating: PG
Beta: RiverOtter
Author's Notes: Much of the dialogue used at Bag End is from "The Scouring of the Shire." With nods to Lindelea, Dana, Dreamflower, and a few others: thanks so much for your inspirations. And Happy Birthday, AWallen!
Summary: Of those listed as Frodo Baggins's close friends within the Shire, only Folco Boffin appears to have been left out of the conspiracy. How did he feel about the situation, and how did he react to the return of the Travellers?
Word Count: 6491
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May Challenge "Tying Up Loose Ends"

Title:Passing Grace
Theme:Galadriel comes to Edoras
Elements:Tell how the people of Edoras reacted when the Elves escorting Arwen to Gondor came through their city-- given the superstitious attitude the Rohirrim had about the Golden Wood, how did they feel about seeing the "Sorceress", Galadriel, in person? Were they surprised by the Elves? Overawed by them? Did their appearance change some people's minds about them?
Beta: Clodia and Finlay
Author's Notes: This story focuses on minor characters from “The Measure of a Man” and “Truth Be Told,” but knowledge of these stories is not required to understand this one. Middle-earth belongs to Tolkien.
Summary: Four children see Galadriel riding up the streets of Edoras. For each of them, it's a different experience.
Word Count:4000
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