July 20th, 2010

short and sweet by gamgeefest

The July Challenge: Short and Sweet

The July Challenge stories, with the theme of "Short and Sweet" has now been posted. The element for these stories was a number between 101 and 400; each participant chose a number and wrote a fixed-length-ficlet of that exact number of words. We’ve had 14 entries so far.

The July Short and Sweet Challenge

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Speechless by Virtuella Aragorn does like to hear himself talk...(369 words)
Sounds of Home by Linaewen Boromir is serenaded as he takes a mid-afternoon rest.(110 words)
Wild Strawberries by Wormwood Faramir and Elboron visit a place where wild strawberries and memories grow.(277 words)
Two Hundred by lady_branwyn Forlong the Old reports to Minas Tirith...(200 words)
Down the Withywindle by Clodia_Metelli Tom Bombadil goes a-courting (unsuccessfully).(300 words)
Signs of Life by Antane Frodo and Sam at the White Tree. Kinda a backway of participating in both last month and this month's challenges. :)(226 words)
Concise Words, Generous Goals by foxrafer Before approaching Legolas, Gimli carefully considers his words.(342 words)
To the King,a daughter by Linda Hoyland Aragorn becomes a father for the second time. (102 words)
The Steward's Task by Linda Hoyland Faramir has an important duty to perform. (102 words)
The Perils of Being the Littlest Took by bfb Pippin makes a drastic move to evade his older sister’s sadistic clutches. (339 words)
Camping Trip by lbilover Sam and three of his sons go camping. (144 words.)
A State of Dress for a Meeting of State - by Larner When the King requires Frodo Baggins to dress appropriately for a meeting with newly arrived envoys to the Citadel of Minas Tirith, Frodo considers balking completely! (373 words)
A Very Important Question, by GamgeeFest Everard practices for an inquiry he is about to make. Takes place the summer of 1418 SR. (250 words)
A Sweet Visit by Dreamflower Frodo makes his first visit back to Brandy Hall after moving to Bag End. (399 words)

I hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!

And authors, remember that late entries are always welcome!
LOTR Challenges 4 by judy

The August Challenge

The August Challenge will have the theme "Two Sides to Everything". Stories should include and argument, debate or disagreement between two characters. The element for the challenge will be the topic of the debate. (The mods would like to thank nautika3 for her suggestion. We invite other community members to suggest future challenges.)

The August challenge stories will be due the weekend of Friday, August 13, and will be revealed on Monday, August 16. Please tag your story "two sides". Please remember to use the header template on the community profile page, and to put the name of your story and your name in the subject line.

To request your elements, please leave a comment to this post. If you have not participated before, please leave an email address so that I can send you your elements. Or you can email the mods at aelfwina@gmail.com or virginia_lee_redcat@yahoo.com

I hope we'll have lots of participants for our August challenge!