August 28th, 2010

Tiger Eyes

The Unwilling by Thundera Tiger

Author: Thundera Tiger
Title: The Unwilling
Rating: PG-13
Theme: Two Sides to Everything
Elements: Did the Ringwraiths have free will, or was their will completely subjugated by Sauron?
Author's Notes: I'm late to the challenge, and the story itself got a little distracted from the elements as another issue presented itself. Sorry! But there is still a debate going on. Promise!
Summary: During the White Council's efforts to drive Sauron out of Dol Guldur, Elladan is separated from his command and forced to seek refuge beyond the fences of Mirkwood. Unfortunately, Elladan's would-be-refuge is already spoken for. A chance meeting between two characters who might have more in common than Elladan can ever admit.
Beta: docmon
Word Count: 6,093

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