September 20th, 2010

Eldarion and Aragorn

Where the Stars are Strange?

Author: Linda Hoyland
Title:Where the Stars are Strange?
Theme:Back to School
Beta:Virtuella, also thanks to Raksha for suggesting some plot elements
Author's Notes:Ambassador Tahir, Lady Adiva and Elwing first appear in "Tongues of Men and Angels"
Summary:Arwen invites some other children to join Eldarion for his lessons
Word Count: 1447

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  • zhie

Infinity, and Beyond by Zhie

Author: Zhie
Title: Infinity, and Beyond
Rating: PG-13 (for light swearing)
Theme: September 2010- Back to School
Elements: Cosmology
Beta: None (shh, don't tell...)
Author's Notes: Standalone; Bunniverse compatible. Thanks to Chris (whom I do not know) for the inspiration for the song at the beginning. Thanks to Lalaith Raina for the help with an elvish equivalent of 'wow' and for getting me to get this written in time. I really need to stop writing these the night before they're due... I'm too much like Elladan... that will make sense upon reading...
Summary: Elladan and Elrohir have a research paper and a final exam that are upcoming. Each takes their own approach to scholarly pursuits.
Word Count: 3148

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Back to School by Dreamflower

Useful Things Legibly Beautiful by Dreamflower

Author : Dreamflower
Title: Useful Things Legibly Beautiful
Rating: G
Theme: Back to School
Elements: handwriting-calligraphy
Author’s Notes: This story is dedicated to my friend and fellow calligrapher, pearltook1; Happy Birthday, Pearl!
Frodo is twelve in this story—the equivalent of a human child of about eight years old. The title is taken from this quotation by the father of modern calligraphy, Edward Johnston : “This is then the scribe's direct purpose: the making of useful things legibly beautiful.”
Summary: Young Frodo's education begins anew after the loss of his parents.
Word Count : 3,142

Useful Things Legibly Beautiful

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