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September 29th, 2010

Author: Linaewen

Title: Boots Made for Walking

Title, author and link to original story: Believe It or Not by Nautika -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5531167/1/Believe_it_or_Not

Rating: G
Beta:  -
Author's Notes:  -
Summary: In this continuation of the tale begun in Nautika's Believe It or Not, Merry and Pippin help Boromir solve the problem with his boots.
Word Count: 1,147 words as measured by Microsoft Word

Boots Made for WalkingCollapse )

Remix due on October 1st

Hi everyone!

Due to some unforeseen situations a couple more people needed a wee bit of extra time so we've allowed for an extra day. I *promise* this is the last time we're changing the date and thank you kindly for your patience. I think everyone is probably very anxious to see all the wonderful stories we have waiting in the moderator's queue. I know I am!

Stories will be revealed this Friday, October 1st rather than on Thursday.

Please go ahead and get yours in if you haven't already, or if you need any assistance let me or Dreamflower know. I want to thank all of you so much for participating, we really didn't anticipate quite the response we got, but isn't that wonderful?! We'll have lots of new tales to read in addition to our regular challenges. And next, we're off and running to the always exciting Halloween challenge!!! Be sure to ask for your element!


Author: Celeritas
Title: Until the End of Their Days
Title, author and link to original story: It Takes a Took, by Dreamflower
Rating: G
Author's Notes:
 It is with some trepidation and only by the community’s standards that I consider this a remix: in my mind a remix is a reimagining of the whole tale, not a quick ficlet shading in some small part. However, I could not justifiably reimagine anyone’s tale unless the original fundamentally dissatisfied me in some way. Since I have yet to find a fic by this author that dissatisfies, this brief gapfiller will have to suffice.  It takes place near the end of chapter 21 of the original tale.
Summary: An outbreak of fever has turned Peregrin Took unusually somber--and worried.  Merry hopes to take his mind off things with some planning.
Word Count: 2,266


Eagles by judy
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