October 23rd, 2010

Aragorn and Faramir

Lingering Shadows by Linda Hoyland

Author: Linda Hoyland
Title: Lingering Shadows
Rating: PG
Theme: Believe it or Not
Elements: eerie
Beta: Rakha and Virtuella
Author's Notes: This story takes place a few weeks after "Roses have Thorns"
Summary: Faramir is worried that something is threatening his baby son and seeks Aragorn's help.
Word Count: 1620

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Dwarves hirsute pursuit by me

"A Rose Among Thorns"

Author: Thevina/thrihyrne
Title: A Rose Among Thorns
Rating: G
Theme: Believe It Or Not
Elements: "dim"
Betas: booneda and brumeux77
Author's Notes: I've not written any Tolkien in a while; I hope you enjoy this fanciful tale involving my favorite race in M-E.
Summary: What would be truly unexpected within Dwarvish society? Maybe someone like Dimvin.
Word Count: 1086

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Haunted by Antane

Author: Antane
Title: Haunted
Element: creepy
Rating: G
Summary: Mayor Samwise thinks of the ghosts that inhabit the Shire Not a scary story (the muse could not come up with one) and so likely not exactly what is being looked for, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. Elanor and Frodo-lad are in it also with unnamed camoes by the rest of the clan.
Word Count: 1,596
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The Omen by Ellynn

Author: Ellynn
Title: The Omen
Rating: PG
Theme: Believe it or not
Element: Shuddery
Beta: Larner
Author's notes: In history, comets were often considered the heralds of wars, famine and death, so I use that motive in this story. Of course, in our world, the nature of comets is today well known; in the story, I give them supernatural origin.
In reality, comets rarely appear reddish, but this is only a story anyway; and if they are something supernatural, why wouldn't they be red? :)
The word comet is derived from the greek word kometes, which means "a star with hair".
"When the world is old and the Powers grow weary, then Morgoth shall come back through the Door out of the Timeless Night; (...) Then shall the last battle be gathered on the fields of Valinor." (HoME, vol. IV, p. 165)
Summary: Standing on Taniquetil, Varda and Manwë see an ill omen in the sky.
Word-count: 623


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