October 26th, 2010

2010 Halloween MPTT

2010 October Challenge: Believe It or Not!

The October Challenge stories, with the theme of "Believe It or Not!" have now been posted. The prompt for these stories was an adjective conveying a certain mood. Each story was to include a supernatural or unbelievable element. We’ve had fifteen entries so far.

2010 October Challenge: Believe It or Not!

On Purpose by Pearl Took Perhaps Hobbits aren't as innocent as we're led to believe.
"Grief" by Kaylee Arafinwiel After the war, a grieving son finds unlooked-for comfort in an unbelievable source.
"Northern Lights" by Shirebound A rare celestial event is seen in the Shire.
The Well by Keiliss A shadowy apparition helps Arwen and the twins resolve an old mystery.
Lingering Shadows by Linda Hoyland Faramir is worried that something is threatening his baby son and seeks Aragorn's help.
The Ghosts of Men by Paranoidangel The Men of the Mountains discuss their fate.
"A Rose Among Thorns" by Thevina What would be truly unexpected within Dwarvish society? Maybe someone like Dimvin.
Haunted by Antane Mayor Samwise thinks of the ghosts that inhabit the Shire.
The Omen by Ellynn Standing on Taniquetil, Varda and Manwë see an ill omen in the sky.
Hollow by Thundera Tiger Believe it or not, there are some forests that even Legolas cannot abide. And there are some caverns that even Gimli cannot endure. A gapfiller for the Grey Company and the Paths of the Dead.
When All Was Remade - by Larner They have all died, but now find themselves in an unfamiliar place, facing an unknown presence, each holding what he took with him into his death.
Dragonsblood by Dreamflower Bard the bowman slew Smaug, didn't he? Who would believe it could happen any other way?
Things That Have Not Yet Come to Pass by Levade Some things come back that really would have been better left alone. Life in Imladris is not as it should be, but what is causing the strange events?
Woman of the Secret Shadow by Armariel The story of Thuringwethil, and how she became the mother of all vampires.
Dreams Of a River by Wormwood
Who is dreaming who? With Faramir, Barahir and Boromir etc.

I hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!

And authors, remember that late entries are always welcome!