November 1st, 2010



Hi everyone!

This is the last reminder for those who want to join us for the Yule Fic Exchange. PLEASE - if you do want to participate, let Dreamflower and Cathleen know before the day is over as we will be meeting to do the assignments and once they are done it is very difficult to add another person. Don't forget to include your info about the story you would like and what you are willing to write, as well.

We hope you do decide to join in the fun - the more the merrier, so let us know by tonight at the lastest!!!



An Invitation to join us at Many Paths to Tread

Some of you here may not be aware that we also host an archive and a group forum. The LOTR_Community GFIC Group would like to invite you to join us at our Archive, "Many Paths to Tread" where you are welcome to post your Tolkien - based fanfic as well as read and comment on other writers' tales! We are also seeking artists for our new art page and to hopefully have join us in an upcoming challenge next year. We allow ratings from G - R at MPTT, while our Group and Live Journal monthly challenges hosts stories with ratings G - PG13. You will find the full guidelines on the Homepage. All Tolkien characters are welcome! We have some wonderfully talented authors already posting at "Many Paths" and we would love to see more of you there! You will also find all of the stories offered in our challenges here at the LJ posted at MPTT in convenient series format. Please drop by and see what else we have to offer!!

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"Arrival" by Kaylee Arafinwiel

Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Title: Arrival
Rating: PG
Theme: Pairs
Elements: father, son
Beta: None
Author's Notes: Takes place in Emma’s and my “Thrani-verse” (Our Oropher has dark hair and green eyes; Thranduil, his mother’s blonde hair and blue eyes) It's a sequel to my last challenge story.
Summary: The Tithen Aran arrives home and considers his father.
Word Count: 100 without header

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