January 2nd, 2011

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The 2010 Yule Fic Exchange Stories


The December 2010 Yule Fic Exchange Challenge Stories

The Darkest Night, written for Peregrin_ionad, by Nath A dejected and soaking-wet Aragorn spends Yule with a Ranger patrol, and gains hope from a fireside tale.

Season of Hope, written for Kaylee, by KeilissGil-galad explains the true meaning of Yule to Elwing.

Dear Adar and Naneth, written for Levade, by Kaylee ArafinwielAs the first Yuletide for the refugees of Gondolin draws near, Elwing of Doriath makes her observations about their little prince in a letter to her absent parents.

One Bright Star, written for Kaylee, by Levade It’s Yule and Estel gets a little unforeseen help with his present for his father.

A Midnight Profound, written for Rhyselle, by Peregrin_ionadFinrod tells another Elf (who this is is up to the reader) about the traditions of Yule, as celebrated by the Edain.

The Annals of the West, Part I, written for Celeritas, by Dreamflower ”In Brandy Hall there were many works dealing with Eriador and the history of Rohan. Some of these were composed or begun by Meriadoc himself…It was probably at Great Smials that The Tale of Years was put together, with the assistance of material collected by Meriadoc.” (Prologue: Notes on the Shire Records) In Part One, Merry has an idea.

Elanor’s Yuletide, written for Thundera Tiger, by ArmarielA homesick Elanor Gamgee spends the season of Yule at Minas Tirith.

The Turning of the Year, written for Armariel, by LarnerAt the behest of the Ringbearer, Námo sets out to allow certain of his guests to know a more—convivial—Yule.

Talk of Paths to be Trod, written for Keiliss, by LarnerIn the days spent within Rivendell before the Fellowship departed on its quest, Boromir had occasion to dine with Aragorn and his brothers, all newly returned from their searches for signs of the Nazgûl. In the morning following Aragorn’s return final plans are set on when the Fellowship will leave the shelter of Elrond’s valley.

Celebrating a Holiday, written for Dreamflower, by Peark TookProblems are solved and a happy holiday is had by all after a strange, noisy, large blue box appears in a mathom room in Great Smials the first Yule after Paladin Took becomes The Took and Thain.

Out to Play, written for Cathleen, by CeleritasWhen Pippin demands the importation of a Buckland Yule tradition back home, Paladin must reach into memory for a bed-time story.

The Burden of Sons, written for Sivan, by LinaewenLegolas contemplates the burden of responsibility placed upon himself and his companions by their fathers, and makes a vow.

Green Grows the Holly, written for Larner, by LinaewenThe Fellowship finds the means to celebrate Yule at the beginning of the Quest.

Yule Tales and Fellowship, written for Linaewen, by CathleenFollowing the rescue of Pippin and Boromir the Fellowship celebrates Yule with another story.

Doubts, written for Keiliss, by Sivan ShemeshThe love between Faramir and Eowyn was always great, until Faramir finds by accident something that should stay in the shadows.

An Explorer in His Own Land, written for Nath, by ThevinaA man of Rohan decides to introduce himself to his new neighbors in the caves of Helms Deep.

There and Back Again, A Dawrvish Drabble Series, written for Thevina Findulis, by RhyselleGloin journeys back to the Blue Mountains to fetch family and friends to migrate to the recently liberated Lonely Mountain.

Of Shape and Hue and Home, Parts One and Two, written for Pearl Took, by Thundera TigerTake a master of shape and hue. Stir in a troubled wizard and four hobbits. Add a dash of surprising Ranger. Mix thoroughly until shape and hue begin to blend…

We hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them! And please don't forget to say thank you to the author of the story you received in the exchange!!