January 14th, 2011


A Matter of Duty -- by Larner

Title: A Matter of Duty
Element: August "Two Sides" prompt, “How does one choose which duty, if one has two conflicting duties of equal importance?”
Author's Notes: For Garnet Took for her birthday.
Summary: The Captain of the Guard of the Citadel must examine the details leading to the deaths suffered that morning within the Hallows and make preliminary judgments.
Word Count: Approximately 3090

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How Estella Learned to Bake by bfb

Title:  How Estella Bolger Learned to Bake
Rating: G
Theme: Potluck (Back to school)
Elements: Household skill
Summary: Rosamunda Bolger finds a way to comfort little Estella after she comes home in tears from being bullied by Merry and Freddy.
Author's Notes: I used
this site for the recipe.
Word Count: 2325

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