March 14th, 2011

LOTR Challenges 3 by judy

B2MEM March 14 Challenge

March 14: Armenelos
Always wanted to visit the City of Kings and relive the Golden Age of the Edain? Look no further, for Armenelos offers it all! Ideally situated in east-central Númenor in the district called Arandor-–also named the Kingsland--daily excursions can be booked to Meneltarma, or take a tour around the city with a guide. Marvel at the beauty of Nimloth in the The King's Court, and visit the King's House for its exhibition of the rise and fall of Mairon the Admirable. If longevity studies holds your interest, the department of Immunology at the University of Armenelos will offer lectures on this in the Tar-Minyatur Library. From the nearby haven of Rómenna, the Amandil Company offers cruises to travel around Númenor, Tol Eressëa or Valinor.

Today's Challenge:
Write a story or create a piece of art centred on freedom of religion (or lack thereof), heresy, and/or religious rites.

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