June 16th, 2011

LOTR Challenges 3 by judy

Many Paths to Tread Second Anniversary!

Next month will be the Second Anniversary of our Many Paths to Tread Archive!

In order to celebrate the occasion, we are asking our members to help us: We would like to top 2,000 stories by that date! We are currently at 1,404, so it is by no means an impossible goal!

Because of the MEFAs, we are experiencing an increase in guest visitors to the site, as they are coming to read those stories which have been nominated from our archive. It would be very nice if some of them were enticed to stay a while and read some of the other fine pieces archived at MPTT, and a wide variety of stories will help with that!

So if you've been meaning to upload some new stories (or old ones) there, by all means consider this a spur to do so! And it's a good time to tell your friends about our nifty and friendly archive!