September 19th, 2011


He's Leaving Home by Celeritas

Author:  Celeritas
Title:  He's Leaving Home
Rating:  G
Theme:   Hit the Books
Elements:  Beloved by Toni Morrison
Author's Notes:  More a historical exploration than the conventional fanfic, this tale is set sometime much earlier in the Shire
Summary:  It was a silly thing to fret over, she knew.
Word Count:  249

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All the King's Men - by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: All the King's Men
Theme: Hit the Books
Element: All the King's Men
Author's Notes: For LindaHoyland and Tracey Claybon for their birthdays.
Summary: Feeling unsettled, Boromir finds his feet taking him into the library of Rivendell where he has an unexpected conversation with the Ringbearer and must consider the question as to who might wish to be numbered as being among all of the King's Men.
Word count: 3505

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