December 18th, 2011

Tolkien, artist

The Burning Cold of Snow by Erulisse

Author name:  Erulisse
Recipient's name:  mrowe (Nath)
Title:  The Burning Cold of Snow
Rating:  PG (character death)
Request:  snow, Orcs, any Age, any other aspects
Author's notes: Although I really wanted to write an upbeat story, my muse just didn’t allow it.  So sorry, I guess redemption just wasn’t in the cards for poor Brushkût. 
Beta: None.  Any and all errors are totally my own
Summary:  Mordor was not only used by evil in the Third Age.  It had been used by Morgoth in the First Age.  Brushkût, an orc from Mordor is trained to join the troops at Angband and sets off with his regiment, walking through the dead of winter towards the far north. 

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