December 30th, 2011

2011 Yule Fic Exchange

A Horse is a Horse of Course for Linaewen by Dreamflower

Author name: Dreamflower
Recipient's name: Linaewen
Title: A Horse is a Horse Of Course
Rating: G
Request: I would like a story about a misadventure Boromir has during his 110 day journey to Rivendell. It can be either serious or humorous, or somewhere in between!
Summary: Boromir recalls part of his journey north to Imladris to Merry and Pippin as they float down the Anduin.
`I have myself been at whiles in Rohan, but I have never crossed it northwards. When I was sent out as a messenger, I passed through the Gap by the skirts of the White Mountains, and crossed the Isen and the Greyflood into Northerland. A long and wearisome journey. Four hundred leagues I reckoned it, and it took me many months; for I lost my horse at Tharbad, at the fording of the Greyflood. After that journey, and the road I have trodden with this Company, I do not much doubt that I shall find a way through Rohan, and Fangorn too, if need be.' (FotR, Book II, Chapter VIII "Farewell to Lórien") My thanks to Shirebound for finding this quote for me!
Author's Note: Since community entries cannot be back-dated, and I wanted this to appear among the other 2011 Yule Exchange Stories, I deleted an old announcement post, and the comments to it.
Word Count 1,822

A Horse is a Horse Of Course

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bright holly

Yulefic: Preparing for War by Rhyselle

Author name:  Rhyselle

Recipient's name:  Keilisse

Title:  Preparing for War

Rating: G

Request:  8. elves, second age, mild slash - Erestor/elf, taking place as the Last Alliance army prepares to leave Imladris.

Author's notes: (optional) – I hope that Keillisse will forgive me for not making this overtly slash.  I just can’t write slash.  I hope that a story of a deep and Ages-long friendship will still be satisfactory.  Approx 2,200 words.

Beta: (optional) Kaylee (first beta) and oxbastetxo (second beta)

Summary:  The old tales glorify those who march to war.  But what about those who help them prepare to go, and must await their return?  A somewhat angsty friendship story starring Erestor and Elrond.    

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