January 4th, 2012

LOTR Challenges 4 by judy

LOTR Community Challenges: Art Challenge!

We are pleased to announce our first Art Challenge! Because this is our first challenge, we are simply asking for artists to create art: any media is welcome! All we ask this time around is that it be a new project.

Choose a favorite passage or quotation from any of J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium, and picture it for us! All art must be rated G or PG. See our ratings guidelines here! After the challenge, art will be archived at Many Paths to Tread. We hope that there will be enough pictures to use as prompts for next month's fic challenge! So there is a good chance your picture or other piece will serve as inspiration for someone else.

Upload pictures of your project to your favorite photo-sharing site (Photo-bucket, Flickr, LJ scrapbook, etc.), and then post the picture to the community by the weekend of January 20, for reveal on January 22.

Include the following header:

"Inspiration" is your passage or quotation, and you may use your notes to give any explanations you want to about your media or the process you used in making your project.

Tag your post "art: january 2012"

ETA BTW, I forgot to mention, please put the following in the subject line: Art: Title of piece by your name

That's so we don't get confused if there are stories in the queue also.

Please comment here if you would like to participate!