May 10th, 2012

LOTR Challenges 3 by judy

Just a reminder

The stories for the May "Bunny Hatch" story challenge will be revealed next week on the 16th, and the art for the "Sky" challenge will go up on the 17th! We already have a couple in the queue!

It's not too late to claim a prompt for either challenge-- we still have plenty left! To claim a prompt. To claim a plot bunny for a story, go to THIS POST; to claim a prompt for the art challenge, go to THIS POST.

Plot Bunny Hutch - Pukelwoman by Virtuella

Author: Virtuella
Title: Púkelwoman
Rating: PG
This was my plot bunny, submitted by Linaewen: In RotK Chapter 5 (Ride of the Rohirrim), Elfhelm says, "We need no further guidance...for there are riders in the host who have ridden down to Mundburg in days of peace. I for one." I'd like to see a story about Elfhelm (or some other person from Rohan) visiting Minas Tirith prior to the breakout of war.
Author's Notes: Middle-earth belongs to Tolkien. Thanks to Clodia and Finlay for beta reading.

Word Count: 1500

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