June 5th, 2012

LOTR Challenges 4 by judy

A Very Special Challenge!

On July 27, the Lord of the Rings GenFic Community's archive, Many Paths to Tread will be celebrating its third anniversary!

That's right, MPTT has been open for three years! As part of our celebration, we'd like to invite everyone to take part in a special challenge.

The name of the archive was taken from the hobbits' walking song in the chapter "Three's Company". Behind the cut are the lyrics of the entire song. We invite you to choose a line from it-- any line you wish-- and write a story or poem or create a work of art based on that line.

Post the works to this community before July 27, but be SURE to put in the subject line:
"Anniversary Special: title by your name".
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, AS THERE WILL ALSO BE ENTRIES FOR JULY'S STORY AND ART CHALLENGES IN THE QUEUE!!! For written entries, follow the guidelines and use the header for stories given on the community user info page; for art entries, use the art header given there. Tag your entries "third anniversary".

Upon the hearth the fire is red,Collapse )

We hope we will have many entries of stories and art to help us celebrate! Please comment here with any questions you may have!