June 22nd, 2012

starry wisdom

Of Time and Trees by Huinárë

Author:  Huinárë
Title: Of Time and Trees
Rating: G
Theme:  The Longest Day
Elements: “Time” by Libera
Beta: Not as such.
Author's Notes:  Belated.  Much of it was actually written on the longest day (June 20).
Summary:  Summer solstice after the fall of Sauron: wizards, one in Minas Tirith and one in Isengard, hatch schemes. Flashbacks to Valinor and the Two Trees, hobbit and Ent cameos.
Word Count: 1,770

(I know less about Gondor than most people and could not seem to discover if they actually did anything on summer solstice.  If my brief mention of it directly contradicts anything canon, please bring it to my attention.)

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