August 24th, 2012

Maedhros by Hope Hoover

On Writing Tolkien’s Elves

Author: Oshun
Title: On Writing Tolkien’s Elves
Rating: G
Theme: Nonfiction
Subject: Nature of Elves and how one might write them in fiction
Type: essay
Author's Notes: Better late than never, I hope. I took the opportunity of the August challenge to write up some very personal thoughts of my own. I spend a part of every month, trying to write a character biography for the Silmarillion Writers Guild. Those are certainly not free of opinion, but are hopefully written in a more objective and overall more scholarly tone than this one. Anyway, for your kind perusal is this piece, halfway between a rant and a whine, but filled with not only with heart, but copious references to the canon texts.
Beta: Arguably, to the extent I had one, The Lizard Council writers group.
Word Count: approximately 4.900 words
Response to challenge: 2012 Non-fiction Challenge

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