August 27th, 2012

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Postponing of Voting for Tree and Flower Awards

We have decided to postpone the beginning of voting until tomorrow, or perhaps even Wednesday. We have many nominations to double check and make sure they are placed correctly, also those of you with duplicate nominations have until 12 tonight, CDST (5AM tomorrow GMT) to make your substitute nominations.

Please, everyone take one more look at this document:

NEW Tree and Flower Nominations

to double-check and make sure all is correct!

Thank you,

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The Tree and Flower Awards Banners and Nominations!

Except for a couple of substitute nominations which may be added by the end of the day, nominations are closed for the Tree and Flower Awards. The beginning of voting will be postponed a day or so (due to the entirely unexpected number of total nominations!

You can find a list of nominated stories HERE

And you can find some lovely Nominee Banners and Icons" to claim and show off your nominated stories!

You are allowed to promote your stories and the awards, just so long as you do not ask for votes! Signal boost the awards and other stories as well!