September 25th, 2012

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Fatal Harvest by Kaylee Arafinwiel

Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Title: Fatal Harvest
Rating: PG for offscreen canon character death
Theme: Harvest, October 2012
Elements: Festival, Begin, Brown
Author's Notes: This story contains an OC of mine and Emma’s, a niece of one of Aran Thranduil’s gwedyr. She is fairly close to Thranduil’s family because of that, despite having no royal blood herself, so she has the privilege (when she feels like using it) of addressing Thranduil in a familiar manner. It also features the offscreen canon death of a minor (but not to Thranduil) canon character.
Summary: As the Necromancer rises again in Greenwood, Thranduil gets other disheartening news.
Word Count: 418
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Winners: 2012 Many Paths to Tread Tree and Flower Awards

Small Tree and Flower banner, Small banner for the T&F awards on MPTT

2012 Many Paths to Tread Tree and Flower Awards

After a number of delays and glitches, the votes have been tallied. Votes were combined from both the polls on LJ at the lotr_community and the polls at the Yahoo!group, LOTR_Community_GFIC. A few votes at the latter were disqualified, and I thank the person who accidentally voted twice for coming forward and helping us out by telling us about it.

There are ties, in some case, multiple ties! But we did not plan for tiebreakers, so we will honor those winners equally.


We would like to congratulate all of the winners, and to thank all the voters and nominators for helping us to get this first Tree & Flower Awards off the ground! We had a few hitches along the way, but I think we learned a lot!

There will be some lovely banners made by our intrepid banner-making volunteers available at the Many Paths to Tread archive by the end of the week! Thank you very much to Ellyn and to Nath for all their hard work, and to our intrepid webmistress Dawn Felagund for getting them up!