November 10th, 2012

  • antane

Dreaming of the Sea

Author: Antane
Title: Dreaming of the Sea
Rating: G
Elements: The river Mitheithel
Summary: This takes place between the time Frodo is adopted and his coming of age. It was inspired by reading that he had dreamed of the Sea since childhood and also by the lovely map of Middle-earth that is on my bedroom wall that I face while I write. Walking along with Frodo in this little tale gave me the same wanderlust. Oh, to be that free as he longed to be!
Word Count: 733
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The Crossing of Celon by Himring

Author: Himring
Title: The Crossing of Celon
Rating: PG13
Theme: A  River Runs Through It
Elements: Gelion
Author's Notes: I'm afraid this story has gone somewhat off the rails. The original plan was to write something idyllic, but the river prompt defied me and went and eloped with an old plot bunny of mine. Warnings for (non-graphic) violence to children and character death. Also, although the Gelion gets two dutiful mentions, after looking at a map, I realized that it refused to flow where I needed it to. So the river that actually runs through this story is the Celon.
Summary: Sartandur is one of the servants of Celegorm who left the sons of Dior (Elured and Elurin) to die in the forest in revenge for the death of their master. Maedhros, son of Feanor, Celegorm's brother, is searching the woods of Doriath, trying to find the boys and rescue them. With the remaining Feanorians, Sartandur is waiting for Maedhros's return.
Word Count: 4,141 words

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