December 30th, 2012


The Gift that finally came by Rhapsody the Bard

Author name: Rhapsody the Bard (pinch-hitter)
Recipient's name: Cathleen/ceshaughnessy
Title: The Gift that finally came
Rating: PG
Request: I'd like a story about a young Pippin on the farm at Whitwell. Pippin is given a new puppy and has a lot to learn about caring for a dog. A family Yule full of fluff and humor with a moral at the end, with all the immediate Took's in the story.
Author's notes: attached at the bottom of the story.
Beta: Dreamflower/dreamflower02
Summary: Solstice is here and Pippin is quite distraught to learn that his sisters will get more presents than he... What has gone wrong? A wee Yuletide mystery.

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The Fire and the Hearth by Elleth

Author name: Elleth
Recipient's name: Iavalir
Title: The Fire and the Hearth
Rating: PG
Request: Anything with the House of Fëanor (especially the sons but could be anyone.) Genre and era is of your choice. I love stories that center on families and ones that include interactions between characters we usually don't see interacting in canon and fanfiction, but I will be thrilled with anything.
Author's Notes: 2857 words of Maglor and Curufin – I'll have to admit not knowing how frequently they are written in fanfiction, but I hope the story will nonetheless work for you. It certainly was a treat to have an opportunity to explore these two. :)
Beta: grey_gazania and moetushie - thank you both!
Summary: An evil winter has come upon Mithrim, and it is Makalaurë's responsibility to look out for his brothers – in particular for Curufin, who is nursing a strange remnant of their father.

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