January 1st, 2013

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Yestarë in Dol Amroth for Linaewen by Dreamflower

Author name: dreamflower02 (pinch-hitter)
Recipient's name: Linaewen ( lin4gondor)
Title:Yestarë in Dol Amroth
Rating: G
Request: "I want a story featuring Imrahil at Dol Amroth, preferably Pre-Ring War; if young Boromir and Faramir are involved, that would be a bonus!"
Author's notes: In the flashback portion of this story, Amrothos is 7, Lothiriel is 2, Erchirion is 11 and Elphir is 14. Boromir is 23 and Faramir is 18.
Summary: During a visit to Dol Amroth after their retirement to Gondor, Amrothos describes one of his favorite memories to Merry and Pippin...

Yestarë in Dol Amroth

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The Old Forest Incident for Febobe by Dreamflower

Author name: dreamflower02
Recipient's name: Febobe
Title: The Old Forest Incident
Rating: G
Request: "I would like a cosy Frodo hurt/comfort fic of some kind. Any setting, any timeframe, any caregiver, just so long as it's Frodo-centric hurt/comfort. :) Preferably a little angst involved (don't go too light on the hurt part, basically)!
Author's notes: First of all, this particular story is completely AU. Frodo never had to fetch Merry out of the Old Forest. However, this seemed to be a great way to get a hurt Frodo! I had some help, which will be presented in the ending Author's Notes.
Summary: Frodo arrives in Buckland to find his younger cousin has gone adventuring in the Old Forest. His attempt to rescue Merry goes awry, and he ends up injured; how in the world will they get home? Who will help them?
Word Count: 7,146

The Old Forest Incident

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