January 2nd, 2013


Trust to Hope by Rhapsody the Bard

Author name: Rhapsody the Bard (pinch-hitter)
Recipient's name: Larner/ blslarner
Title: Trust to Hope
Rating: PG
Request: I would like to see a fic in which someone is seeking to console Gandalf/Olórin for the loss or death of one of those he has come to befriend, love, and mentor somewhere within Arda. It might be one of his Maiar brothers or sisters who went over to the Enemy or who chose a service he could not share, one of the Noldor who chose to leave Valinor to return to Middle Earth, one he fought alongside during the War of Wrath, one he sought to save on the great migration to Aman, or one of many Gandalf befriended over the fifteen hundred plus years he served as one of the Wizards. Maia, Man, Elf, Dwarf, or Hobbit, he must have come to love many over his existence whose loss grieved him greatly. How does one console a Maia/Wizard?
Author's notes: I owe many thanks to the beta of this piece, Keiliss. She sorted out much of my thoughts after I quickly wrote this prompt on short notice. Thank you so much!
Beta: Keiliss/ keiliss
Summary: Very late at night, it is Gilraen who comes across the Grey Wanderer...

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