January 8th, 2013

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2012 LOTR Community Challenges Yule Fic Exchange Story Links!

2012 Yule Fic Exchange

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The 2012 LOTR Yule Fic Exchange stories, have been posted, except for one, which will soon be posted. We hope that everyone has had a chance to read and enjoy their stories, and have thanked their author!

If you have been having trouble getting to do that because of trouble with LiveJournal, you can see and comment on your story at our mirror community on DreamWidth: LOTR Challenges on Dreamwidth.

The 2012 Yule Fic Exchange

The Old Forest Incident for Febobe by Dreamflower Frodo arrives in Buckland to find his younger cousin has gone adventuring in the Old Forest. His attempt to rescue Merry goes awry, and he ends up injured; how in the world will they get home? Who will help them?
Trust to Hope for Larner by Rhapsody the Bard Very late at night, it is Gilraen who comes across the Grey Wanderer...
Imrahil and the Toddler for Linaewen by Sivan Shemesh I want a story featuring Imrahil at Dol Amroth, preferably Pre-Ring War; if young Boromir and Faramir are involved, that would be a bonus!
Yestarë in Dol Amroth for Linaewen by Dreamflower During a visit to Dol Amroth after their retirement to Gondor, Amrothos describes one of his favorite memories to Merry and Pippin...
Seeking Adventure - Written for Huinárë by Larner Now, what could have happened to Hildifons Took, who disappeared from the Shire and never returned?
A Ghost is Haunted for Lady Elleth by Iavalir A ghost he was yet he was haunted
The Tapestry for Oshun by Keiliss Yule on Balar in F.A. 515, or how a little Noldor pragmatism changed the fate of the world.
First-Day Blessing for burning_night by Linaewen Boromir and Faramir celebrate the coming of the new year together at Cair Andros.
Little Estel for Sivan Shemeesh by Oshun An AU story which assumes that Legolas tells Aragorn the night before the council of Elrond about what happened with Gollum. Let go of those canon prejudices, ladies and gentlemen. Just pretend it is a film script.
A Time To Reap by Kaylee Arafinwiel (for Arwen75) When the first Princess of the Reunited Kingdom was born, the seeds of secrecy were sown. Nine years later, at Yule-tide, Aragorn Elessar considers the consequences of their harvest, and tries to make a decision.
The Inn,for Nath by Huinárë Employees of the inn at Bree have brought a strange visitor back on the eve of Yule, T.A. 1307.
"There's A Portal In The Store Cupboard" by burning_night Preparations for Midwinter in Imladris are never completely normal.
The Fire and the Hearth for iavalir by Elleth An evil winter has come upon Mithrim, and it is Makalaurë's responsibility to look out for his brothers – in particular for Curufin, who is nursing a strange remnant of their father.
The Gift that finally came for Cathleen by Rhapsody the Bard Solstice is here and Pippin is quite distraught to learn that his sisters will get more presents than he... What has gone wrong? A wee Yuletide mystery.
Yuletide in Gondor for Dreamflower by Arwen75 Memories of past Yuletides and a surprise for the hobbits
Heliocentric for Erulisse by Nath An Elf of Lindon considers Anor.
Burdens Shared for Kaylee Arafinwiel by Erulisse (one L) “I would like a story with Gimli adjusting to life (for however long that lasts) in the West. I’m wondering particularly what “Mahal” would think of this ‘son’ being able to come where no other Dwarf has gone before.”

I hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!