January 24th, 2013


Surrounded by Concern - by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: Surrounded by Concern
Rating: PG
Theme: January Potluck
Elements: Shades of Green--jade
Author's Notes: Thanks to RiverOtter for the beta. For Ellyn-Ithilwen and Armarielrozita for their birthdays.
Summary: Now it is Pippin's Aunt Jade who intends to put a flea in the ear of the new deputy Mayor!
Word Count: 3,489

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Tolkien, artist

Stealth by Erulisse - January 2013 Potluck - June 2012 The Longest Day - Use Finlandia as your story

Author: Erulisse (one L)
Title: Stealth
Rating: PG
Theme: Potluck
Elements: Use “Finlandia” as your inspiration
Beta: None – Any and all errors are solely my own
Word Count: 1982

Summary: Melkor’s viewpoint on the formation of Arda and his imprisonment in the Void until the Final Battle.

Author’s Notes: Disclaimer: Tolkien built the sand box; I only play with the bucket and shovel that he left for me. No money, profit or non, is made from the publication of this story.


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