April 11th, 2013


"Finrod's Promise" by Himring

Author: Himring
Title: Finrod's Promise
Rating: PG
Theme: Poetry 2013
Elements: "Namarie"
Author's Notes: This is a re-write of Galadriel's "Namarie" (the English version), with a few phrases borrowed from "Winter comes to Nargothrond" and one phrase taken from Frodo's dream in the house of Tom Bombadil. Probably something like this has been done before. I hope it is acceptable for the challenge, although strictly speaking it is not exactly a new poem.
Dedicated to Oshun as a belated birthday gift.
Summary: Finrod Felagund is more optimistic than his sister Galadriel. It is up to the reader to decide who he is addressing.
Word Count: 119 words

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