September 20th, 2013

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2013 Tree and Flower Awards Nominations: Run-off Poll

Run-off Voting

I have finally finished tally the votes for this year's Tree and Flower Awards. We have decided to allow two stories that share the same number of votes share the place which they won; however, we had two categories, Favorite Gapfiller and Favorite Characterization of Aragorn, in which more than two stories tied for Honorable Mention, so we will have a run-off vote for those two categories.

One category, Favorite Characterizaiton of a Minor Canon Character, was accidentally posted twice. Since the number of votes at each post exceeded the number of people voting on the page, some people may have accidentally voted twice without realizing they were the same. So we are doing a re-vote in that category.

Here is the link to the Run-Off Poll.

Voting in this Run-off will remain open until 2PM Central Daylight Savings Time, Sunday, September 22. Winners in these and all other categories will be announced that afternoon or evening, as soon as I add the tally for the run-offs to the rest of the winners!

Please vote promptly!

Thank you!