October 16th, 2013

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Ever Ever On by Dreamflower

Author: Dreamflower
Title: Ever Ever On
Rating: PG
Theme: "One picture is worth a thousand words"
Elements: The image included in the story.
Author's Notes: This is not the story I wanted to write just yet. But this is the story that the image inspired. There are some subtle references to my story "Ancestress", but it's not necessary to read that to read this. And there are also references to one of Tolkien's other works...
Summary: A hobbit finds himself on another adventure.
Word Count: 1,336 (Sorry it went over the limit

Ever Ever On
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LotR Challenges 5 by Judy

Jagged Edges by Ellfine

Author: Ellfine
Title: Jagged Edges
Rating: PG-13
Theme: One picture is worth a thousand words.
Elements:The included picture.
Author's Notes: Many thanks to my betas: Fiondil, Dana, and Alassiel
Ellon/ellyn; male elf/elves
Elleth; female elf
Atar- father

Summary: One night during the War of Wrath, King Arafinwë of the Noldor takes his first ride aboard Vingilot.
Word Count: 1049

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