December 21st, 2013


Waiting on the Wise, by Rhymer

Author name: Rhymer (rhymer23)
Recipient's name: Linaewen (lin4gondor)
Title: Waiting on the Wise
Rating: PG
Request: "I would like a story featuring Boromir in Rivendell, during the waiting time between the Council of Elrond and the setting out of the Fellowship."
Summary: Boromir endured much hardship on his long journey to Rivendell. What comes after, in the quiet and safety of the House of Elrond, could prove yet harder to endure.

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The Assignment by Sivan Shemesh

Yule Exchange Fic 2013

Author name: Sivan Shemesh
Recipient's name: engarion (Eruilsse)
Title: The Assignment
Rating: T
Request: In LOTR, Gimli and Legolas swore to return to Fangorn Forest and the Glittering Caves once more, journeying with each other. Chose one (or both) of these areas and this journey of the two unlikely travelling companions. What do they see? Who do they meet? If possible, work Yuletide into the story, although that's not mandatory. Most of all... have fun.
Author's notes:
Warning: AU, angst, friendship, drama, crossover of sorts...
Beta: Aranel
Summary: If only Legolas knew how to say 'No!'

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