December 31st, 2013

"A Gift For Yule" - burning_night

Author name: burning_night
Recipient's name: keiliss
Title: A Gift For Yule
Rating: G
Request: "Glorfindel solves a mystery. Points for a peacock. Bonus points for a slash pairing (not Ecthelion). Any time, any place"
Author's notes: 'Mystery' was sort of taken with a pinch of salt, I must admit. While I'm quite good with a classic murder mystery story, I didn't think I could work that kind of plot into a G/PG rating, so you have this piece of fluff instead :D Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Summary: Glorfindel helps a young lady with a puzzling question.
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"The King of the Dead" by Wheelrider, for Rhymer23

Author name: Wheelrider
Recipient's name: Rhymer23
Title: The King of the Dead
Rating: PG-13
Request: I would like a story about a main character (or characters) from the Lord of the Rings, but seen through the eyes of a stranger on the fringes, ideally one who doesn't fully understand what they're seeing. I'm happy with any setting, from pre-LoTR to Fourth Age.
Author's notes: This is my first time writing OCs, and though I got a little too obsessed with choosing names for them, I still fear I made some embarrassing error (to the characters at least) . Please forgive me if so, and let me know so that I can correct it!
Also, I tend to have a particular song or two in mind when writing a story; not necessarily a soundtrack, but kind of... In case you're curious, this story's song was "Carol of the Birds" as sung by Joan Baez on her Noël album.
Beta: (none)
Summary: The Dead are restless, but it is the living who lead them.

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Silm: Ner Emblem

Exile to Exile, for dawn_felagund, by Elleth

Author name: Elleth
Recipient's name: Dawn Felagund
Title: Exile to Exile
Rating: PG
Request: A story set during the Time of the Trees or the First Age about friendship between two (or more!) women of the House of Finwë. I hope this fits the bill.
Beta: Shadowbrides, thank you so much for jumping in last-minute. ♥
Summary: After the Darkening not nearly all past resentments are extinguished, and Nerdanel begins to receive comfort from an unexpected source – and give some in return.

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Waking Day by Dreamflower for Shirebound

Author name: Dreamflower
Recipient's name: Shirebound
Title: Waking Day
Rating: G
Request: I'm insatiable when it comes to Cormallen fic, especially back-story gap fillers. Here are a few potential ideas: Where did the hobbits' silver circlets come from? Why was there a minstrel there, and how did he learn Frodo's story? Why did the Men praise the hobbits in more than one language? When and how were Frodo and Sam introduced to Eomer, etc.? Who prepared the feast, and did they know why? Did the cooks get to meet the hobbits and the King? How did Eomer King feel, sharing this feast with the uncrowned king of Gondor?
Author's Notes: You might say this is a gapfiller for a gapfiller, as well as for the book. Several years ago I wrote my very first Cormallen gapfiller, ”Kingly Gifts”, which was written for one of Marigold's Challenges. It filled in many of the gaps in the chapter “The Field of Cormallen”, but clearly you can see I missed a few. There is a good deal of dialogue lifted directly from RotK, Book VI, Chapter IV, “The Field of Cormallen”. And the last few lines of the story came from the last few lined of “Kingly Gifts”.
Further Author Notes: I'm having some difficulty with formatting, so I decided to go ahead and post. Please forgive the lack of accent marks and other diacriticals. They don't want to cooperate right now. Hopefully I will be able to fix those when I get ready to archive this story.
Summary: After two weeks in a healing sleep, Frodo and Sam have awakened at Cormallen.
Word Count: 4,038

Waking Day

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Cage of Light by Astris

Author name: Astris (astris_eldalie)
Recipient's name: Elleth (ladyelleth)
Title: Cage of Light
Rating: G
Request: I'd love a hurt/comfort fic exploring friendship among any of the Silmarillion ladies. If at all possible, a happy or at least hopeful ending would be fantastic.
Author's notes: So this was not going to be the fic I was writing and then it was and then it turned out a lot better than the one that it used to be. ('Cause that makes sense, yeah). But anyways. I hope you like it! :D Aredhel and Idril interactions are a good thing, generally.
Beta: Rhapsody
Summary: During the transition to Gondolin, Aredhel finds she is not the only one with doubts.
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2013 LOTR Community Challenges Yule Fic Exchange

Most of the stories have been posted. There are three still outstanding, but I have heard that the authors will have them in somewhat later tonight.

We have one extra story: As a special gift for our co-mod Cathleen, who is unable to participate this year, there is a story for her!

I hope everyone will enjoy their stories! We will have a links post in a few days.

Fairy Lights by Iavalir (for Dreamflower02)

Author name: iavalir
Recipient's name: dreamflower02
Title: Fairy Lights
Rating: G
Request: I'd love a story about young Bilbo having a Yule holiday with his parents, Bungo and Belladonna. Could be at home in Bag End, or could be visiting kinfolk at the Great Smials. Any age from infancy to coming-of-age; could be funny, fluffy or serious; whatever floats your boat.
Author's notes: One of the riddles is taken from chapter “Riddles in the Dark.”
Summary: Bilbo always waited for Yule, when he would go searching for Fairy Lights.

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LotR Challenges 7 by Dreamflower

MPTT archive is down for the moment

Hi all,

we just wanted to give you a heads up as to why our archive, Many Paths To Tread, is down at the moment. Our host has reported that they have issues regarding their data center's network connectivity and many sites hosted by them are down at the moment. They have a team of admins working on as we speak, so hopefully full service will be restored later this day.

The site is back up!