December 1st, 2014

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Yuletide Reunions by Kaylee Arafinwiel for mahmfic/Megan

Author name: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Recipient's name: mahmfic/Megan
Title: Yuletide Reunions
Rating: PG for canon character death
Request: I would like a Hobbit era fic that deals with the dwarves + bilbo. Any of the following would be wonderful: h/c, romance, dealing with medical issues (epilepsy, panic attacks, anxiety, migraines), reunions, magical realism, any au, + winter themes. All I ask is no gender bendering, please. Thank you!
Author's notes: For some reason I really like writing this sort of story when I’m writing races I’m not used to…oh, and my discussion about Durin’s Line during the November challenge may have partially inspired this, LOL. Shout outs as usual to Fiondil, especially “Lord Námo’s Yule Gifts”, found on Stories of Arda – this takes place, mainly, the same year as Merry and Pippin’s deaths.
Beta: Kelly
Summary: The End is, after all, only the Beginning; after his business with Bilbo has finished, and he has slept for a time in Mahal’s Halls, Thorin finds himself rediscovering those he has missed for a very, very long time.

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