February 16th, 2015


Glorfindel's Return - by Sivaroobini

Author: sirius_luva (Sivaroobini/Roobi)
Title: Glorfindel's Return
Theme: Glorfindel
Elements: Fangirling? I'm new to this.
Author's Notes: I have gone a bit over-the-top with several descriptions of Glorfindel, especially with him making an entrance. This is intentional. Also, I signed up really late - like a couple of days before it was due - and was extremely busy since then, hence the lateness. I have actually written more and plan to turn it into a much longer work, so this is just the beginning with some editing to make it stand on its own. I apologise.
Summary: Centuries after his death, Glorfindel returns to Middle-Earth.
Word Count: 461

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