March 31st, 2015

Cherry Blossom Girl

Fic: Five Times Gandalf Stopped at Bree, by Talullah Red

Author: Talullah Red
Title: Five times Gandalf stopped at Bree
Rating: PG
Theme: Back to Middle-earth Month
Elements: starbrow’s prompt “I'd love to see a 5 times (or 5 + 1) story about Gandalf stopping off in The Prancing Pony for a drink on his way to/from the Shire, and what Barliman thinks of him, and how that changes over time.”
Author's Notes: Since I chose the drabble format, I could not adhere too closely to the prompt. I hope it’s still an interesting enough reading.
Summary: Five moments in Barliman’s life when Gandalf was there.
Word Count: 5 drabbles = 500 words

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