June 26th, 2015

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June 2015 Challenge: Wisdom

The June Challenge stories, with the theme of "Wisdom" have now been posted. Stories focused on some aspect of that topic prompts for the challenge were a proverb; the proverb which could be quoted in the story, used as a title, or just used as inspiration.

Learning a Language by Silver Trails Maedhros visits Caranthir at Lake Helevorn and learns something about his brother.

The First Finwean Sandcastle Building Competition by klose During an extended family trip to Alqualondë, the younger sons of Fëanor go up against the sons of Fingolfin and Finarfin in a sandcastle building competition. Things go awry. Turgon learns a thing or two about the making and breaking of fortresses, and Fingon spouts many proverbs in the name of brotherly comfort.

"In the Company of Hobbits" by ShireboundLegolas senses he will play a part in fulfilling Gimli's final request.

Against the Darkness by Ness Aragorn and Halbarad are having a philosophical discussion.

Burning the Midnight Oil by Linda Hoyland Faramir is concerned that Aragorn is working too hard.

To Take what You Like by Larner Lobelia Bracegirdle Sackville-Baggins rethinks the lives of herself and her son.

Great Souls by Dreamflower Aragorn learns a bit of wisdom from Gandalf when he first meets him that he often has occasion to remember. Five vignettes.

Isilmë’s Gift, by Talullah Red Isilmë has a visitor.

We hope that you enjoy the stories and let the authors know!