July 28th, 2015

LotR Challenges 7 by Dreamflower

Banners/Icons for those who took part in the MPTT 6X6 Comment Challenge

Below the cut are the banners and icons, created by the talented Zdenka lignota for participants in the Many Paths to Tread Sixth Anniversary Six by Six Comment Challenge!
Congratulations to the participants, who between them contributed 108 comments to the archive in 20 days!

I know they made many authors very happy!

Even if you did not take part in the challenge, you might want to look at the lovely art!

To use the banner or icon of your choice, you can either copy and paste the HTML code beneath each graphic and use it wherever HTML is acceptable, or you can save and upload the graphic to the image host of your choice. Email the webmasters at websmith@lotrgfic.com if you need any help with this.
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