August 22nd, 2015

LotR Challenges 7 by Dreamflower

Tree and Flower Awards

Monday August 24, will be the last day for making new nominations.

Some nominations will be withdrawn due to being either duplicates of earlier nominations this year or because of being ineligible as having placed in previous Tree and Flower Awards. Those who made such nominations have been notified by PM. Those people ONLY will be allowed to replace or edit their nominations on Aug. 25-26. No brand-new nominations will be allowed on those dates.

Please if you nominate a replacement, indicate in your comment that it is such a replacement. If you simply edit your nomination, the automatic time-stamp on the edit will let us know if it is a replacement.

Some stories were nominated as part of an anthology, in which all or part of it may have placed in previous years.

This dilemma has come up before, and I've looked at past winners and nominees, and we appear to have set a precedent. So here will be the solution: if a part of a work has previously won (part of an anthology) and that part was complete in itself, then individual parts can still be nominated. But not the work as a whole. For example, in the past a winner was "My True Love" from Mary Sue's Tales. In that event, someone could nominate "My Broken Heart" from Mary Sue's Tales by marisu, but NOT Mary Sue's Tales as a whole. If the work as a whole was nominated and placed, then a NEW story could be nominated. (For example, Mary Sue's Tales by marisu won HM in 2014, but since then she added a story, "Love on the Rebound" to that anthology, the STORY would be eligible. not the rest of the anthology.)

What this may mean is that if you made such a nomination it will be altered to reflect this policy: For example--

Nomination for Favorite Romance
"My True Love" from Mary Sue's Tales

In other words, the individual story is the nomination, and not the entire work. If you have made such a nomination that did not reflect this, you may edit it yourself. If not, we will do so when constructing the voting poll.

Remember, you still have time to nominate!