December 29th, 2015


A Great Smials Yuletide, for Larner - by Kaylee Arafinwiel

Author name: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Recipient's name: Larner
Title: A Great Smials Yuletide
Rating: Probably PG, I would think, or perhaps light PG-13 depending on one's sensibilities - there's mention of a minor canon character's offscreen death, but nothing too disturbing, and a kiss is shared between two tweenaged
Request:   Gandalf finds himself spending Yule in the Great Smials as Gerontius's guest, and is ambushed by a number of the Old Took's grandchildren demanding stories and other entertainment.
Author's notes: (optional) The Old Took’s grandchildren on the Took side that were born before his death in SR 1320/TA 2920 are: Fortinbras (later Thain Fortinbras II), Adalgrim Took, Flambard Took, Sigismond Took, and probably Isembold’s children. I’ve given him nine: Sapphira, Hugo, Ruby, Calla, Tip, Tulip, Diamond, Aster, and Isengard. (It’s a perfectly likely Took name; he’d have no knowledge of its other use, after all!) Isengar Took may have had children but they’re not listed.

His non-Took grandchildren include: Bilbo Baggins (of course!), Jago and Jessamine Boffin, and Rorimac, Amaranth, Saradas, Dodinas, Asphodel, Dinodas and Primula Brandybuck. Primula was born the same year Gerontius died, so if she was born before then (and in my-verse she was; see November’s “News from Great Smials”) she can’t have been even a year old at the time. I’ve chosen to set this during the run-up to Yule of 1310, the year before the Fell Winter. Gorbadoc Brandybuck has just become Master of Buckland, and he’s sent the children to their Took grandparents, Mirabella (pregnant with Dodinas) accompanying them. (Isembold's wife is pregnant with Isengard, but she doesn't come into this - I think she took to her bed once they reached the Smials, while Mirabella did not.)

Beta: Dreamflower, Sparx, Lady Edlyn and Rhyselle have taken looks at it in various stages. Thank you for the help, my friends!
Summary: Gandalf finds himself spending Yule in the Great Smials as Gerontius's guest, and is ambushed by a number of the Old Took's grandchildren demanding stories and other entertainment. (An alphabetical set of drabbles with prompts mostly of my own making, though I stopped short because the story looked finished)
Disclaimer: The Old Took, his children, and his grandchildren (except Isembold's brood) are not mine. (Even the Professor said Isembold had "many descendants"). Gandalf is not mine either, or any other characters you recognise as the Professor's. I just play in the corner of his sandbox allotted to me.

Hobbit Ages: Sapphira is 35, Hugo is 33, Fortinbras is 32, Adalgrim and Ruby are 30, Calla is 27, Tip and Tulip are 25, Flambard is 23, Diamond, Sigismond and Bilbo are 20, Jago is 16, Aster is 15, Jessamine is 13, Rorimac is 8, Amaranth is 6, Saradas is 2, Isengard and Dodinas will be born shortly, perhaps on First Yule itself.

That would be about 23, 21, 20 1/2, 19, 17, 16, 14 1/2, 13, 10, 9, 5, 3 1/2-4, and 13-14 months in Man-years, for physical ages only. Ithink (thank you, Dreamflower :) ) that they would be at least a bit more mentally, socially and culturally in line with their numerical ages at least most of the time. The presence of Gandalf tends to reduce even the most mature hobbit to a more childlike state...I mean, we're dealing with a Big Person! *Grin*

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"Víressë" by Dawn Felagund (for Keiliss)

Author name: Dawn Felagund
Recipient's name: Keiliss
Title: Víressë
Rating: PG-13
Request: Gondor, a look at a month in Boromir's life. Secrets and lies, a forbidden relationship, trying to be the person his father expects him to be? Slash would be welcome but not essential. A winter setting would be great.
Author's notes: This story contains slash (Boromir/Hirgon) and a scene involving corporal punishment of a child. Neither is graphic.
Summary: As Sauron's reach lengthens, Winter lingers overlong in Gondor. In the midst of cold, despair, and the slow march to war, Boromir kindles a forbidden love affair with an unknown errand-rider that creates intrigue and betrayal.

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Love and Comfort by Silver Trails, for Indy1776

Author name: Silver Trails
Recipient's name: Indy1776
Title: Love and Comfort
Rating: PG-13
Request: I’d love something where Maglor overwinters in Imladris by Elrond’s invitation. Involving the Solstice would be welcome but is not required. Bonus points for emotional hurt/comfort.
Author's notes: This is an amateur effort and does not intend to infringe on the rights of J.R.R. Tolkien. No profit is made and no harm is intended. In CC’s verse, Glorfindel is Findis’ son, which means he is Maglor’s cousin.
Summary: A storm is coming, and Maglor agrees to stay in Imladris

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A Gift for his Brother - for Linaewen - by Larner

Author name: Larner
Recipient's name: Linaewen
Title: A Gift for his Brother
Rating: PG (rated for slightly offensive language)
Request: I would like a story featuring either Boromir or Faramir as he searches for the perfect gift for his brother. The event can be any occasion -- birthday, Yule, a special honoring event, or just because brothers give each other gifts from time to time.
Author's notes: (optional) Thanks so much for the prompt!
Beta: (optional) Gail, with many thanks, in spite of not liking Morwing's fate!
Summary: What does one give to one's beloved brother when Father has decided to sort of steal one's gift idea?
Word Count: 4,371

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