December 31st, 2015

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The Second Gamble by Keiliss

Author name: Keiliss
Recipient's name: The Wavesinger
Title: The Second Gamble
Rating: PG
Request: I would like a story about Idril, during any time period. Drama and/or politics would be an added bonus!
Beta: Red Lasbelin
Summary: Fate, Ulmo's goodwill, and a family history of stubborn determination bring Idril to a reunion she had never thought possible.

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LotR: Galadriel - Above All Shadows

New Year's Night, by Elleth for Scribe of Mirrormere

Author name: Elleth
Recipient's name: Scribe of Mirrormere
Title: New Year's Night
Rating: PG
Request: An Avar navigates through darkness and bitter winter storms, among other dangers, to find and rescue their missing sibling.
Author's notes: Gratuitous worldbuilding and gratuitous Elvish abound. ;) I just couldn't resist, seeing this prompt. Linguistic notes and translations can be found at the end of the fic.
Beta: Many thanks to Suz and Sath for their help!
Summary: On the plains of Northern Rhûn in the early Years of the Sun, a young woman of the Kinn-lai goes on a perilous journey to rescue her missing sister.

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A New Start by Scribe_of_Mirrormere

Author name: Scribe_of_Mirrormere
Recipient's name: mahmfic
Title: A New Start
Rating: G
Request: 10. I would love a gift involving the family 'Ur (Bombur, Bofur and Bifur) from the Hobbit. Maybe how Bifur took care of Bombur and Bofur growing up. Or the aftermath of Bifur's injury. Daily struggles (and joys) the family 'Ur go through as your average dwarves. BONUSES: Any Aus, hurt/comfort, angst, humor, dark. DON'S: Genderbending, 1st person pov, 2nd person pov, character hopping, crack. Thanks!
Summary: A moment between the dwarf family after an orc attack.

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  • lignota

Despair and Defiance, by Zdenka

Author name: Zdenka (lignota)
Recipient's name: enochia
Title: Despair and Defiance
Rating: T
Request: I'd like a Celebrimbor story set in Second Age or afterwards. Friendship with Dwarves, relations (good or bad) with other Elves of note, Annatar/Sauron, Halls of Mandos, divergent AU/time-travel in which he or his spirit get to meet someone from Third Age, reembodiment - anything goes. Something shippy (of any sort) and original characters are okay, but I'd prefer it if the fic wasn't 100% romance and please no non-canonical side ships.
Summary: Celebrimbor comes to Galadriel with word of Annatar’s betrayal, and offers her a gift.

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