February 10th, 2016

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Theft of Stories from Fanfiction.net

Important ETA! All of the Spamdex sites have been taken down except for one! Talkfictions.org is the only site that is still up. Good job, everyone; it seems our collective actions are getting somewhere!

So now we need to make Talkfictions.org go away. You can continue to file a spamdexing report with Google, and if you are an author living in the U.S., you can also file a DMCA takedown notice on your behalf with the site's host (contact information below).

Thanks to the sleuthing of mikononyte and bunn, we now have contact information for the host and reverse proxy for Talkfictions.org. Both are large, reputable companies that allow you to file abuse reports for copyright violations.

File a Complaint with the Webhost
Talkfictions.org is hosted by Enom. To file a support ticket with the host:

  1. Go to https://www.enom.com/contact.aspx

  2. Click the second option: "No, I have not submitted a ticket before."

  3. Enter your information into the web form.

  4. Click the tab at the top to Submit a Ticket.

  5. Complete the ticket form. Note that you are reporting a copyright violation for Talkfictions.org, a domain that they host. Provide a link to your stolen content. (Remember, you can pull this off of Google if you are not comfortable visiting the site itself. See below for instructions on how to do that.)

  6. Click Continue. One final pop-up will appear, suggesting articles that might help you. None of them will. Click to submit the ticket. If the ticket is submitted successfully, you will receive two emails from Enom, one with a password to check the status of your ticket and an auto-reply to the ticket itself.

File a Complaint with CloudFlare
Please note that Cloudflare is not the host and therefore cannot remove the site. However, they are a reverse proxy service used by our little thief, and they will intervene with the webhost in the instance of copyright infringement. Here is the CloudFlare abuse report form. Click the bright green "Click here to submit an abuse report" button on the right side of the page. Fill out the form, making sure that you provide a link to your content from Fanfiction.net that was stolen. Click the green Submit button.

Gratitude again to mikononyte and bunn for finding the contacts above. Many thanks as always to rhapsody11, our indefatigable copyright expert on the SWG and MPTT, for her advice and insight! (And another nod to to Rhapsody, who found and posted the exact same contact information for Enom at the precise moment that I did. This kind of brainsharing is what happens when you work almost daily with a person for over a decade!)

I am leaving up the original post below the cut/line. Please be aware, though, that some of the information it now contains is no longer relevant because the sites have been taken down.

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