February 15th, 2016

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February 2016 Challenge: Fandom Favorites Rec Challenge

This month we are doing something completely different. Instead of a story, this month we will honor International Fanworks Month with our very first rec challenge, called "Fandom Favorites".

You will comment here, and make one self-rec, one fic rec for someone else, and one art fic per comment. This is a chance to spread the love. Recs do not have to come from within the community or from the MPTT archive.

Here are the rules:
1. Comment to this post using the following header.

2. You may post your three recommendations in one comment. But you may also make other recommendations in other comments. In other words no more than those three recs per comment. If you do not wish to self-rec, you may leave that part out.
3. All recommendations must be of works based on Tolkien's writings.
4. All recommendations must be family-friendly; if you are not certain, you may check the community guidelines at our sister site, Many Paths to Tread Ratings Guidelines.
Do scroll down; Art guidelines are a bit stricter than written material.
5. Do NOT comment on the comments, even to say you "second" the rec. This is to keep the thread for top level comments only. If your comment has too many words, you may reply to your own comment in order to complete it.

This challenge will run throughout February, beginning today. We hope you will have lots of fun recommending Fandom Favorites!