June 18th, 2016


Latecomers, by Himring

Author: Himring
Title: Latecomers
Rating: PG
Theme: Waiting
Elements: From The Silmarillion: Now Felagund learned from Bëor that there were many other Men of like mind who were also journeying westward. 'Others of my own kin have crossed the Mountains,' he said, 'and they are wandering not far away; and the Haladin, a people from whom we are sundered in speech, are still in the valleys on the eastern slopes, awaiting tidings before they venture further. There are yet other Men, whose tongue is more like to ours, with whom we have had dealings at times. They were before us on the westward march, but we passed them; for they are a numerous people, and yet keep together and move slowly, being all ruled by one chieftain whom they call Marach.'
(Chapter 17: Of the Coming of Men into the West)
Author's Notes: I wanted to write about this theme in two parts (possibly with an epilogue, even) but I only managed to write the first. I tried to write the piece as much as possible from the point of view of the Haladin themselves, who are actually a very interesting people, especially when you take into account some things reported about them in the Unfinished Tales.
Summary: First Age: The smallest tribe of immigrating Men, the Haladin, delays before crossing the Blue Mountains into Beleriand and, partly because of that delay, things will go rather differently for them.
Word Count: c.900 words

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