August 15th, 2016

Faults of Tolkien's Hobbits

Author: ladysherlockian
Title: The Faults of Tolkien's Hobbits
Rating: general
Theme: Non-fiction
Subject: Hobbits are sociable, love parties and good food, and, furthermore, are peaceful creatures who do not know either war or violence. At the first sight, they seem ideal. But is the Shire and its inhabitants really ideal, or are there some serious problems?
Type: Research articles
Author's Notes: I do not have any grudge against Hobbits; on the contrary, they are my favourite race in Middle-Earth, so please do not take the text as an attack on Hobbits. I have no idea why the font changes in my article; I pasted it from a Word document where it was written, and it seems that the font changes randomly and either it omits my footnotes, and the font stays the same, or the footnotes are included but there are these two different fonts. I would be glad if the admins could fix these fonts. Since footnotes are definitely more important than a proper font, I decided to post it as it is.
Word Count: 5 175

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