December 31st, 2016


"The Ship of Light" for Talullah Red by Dawn Felagund

Author: dawn_felagund
Title: The Ship of Light
Rating: PG
Theme: 2016 Yule Exchange
Prompt: Elwing and Eärendil's first Yule in Sirion. I'd like something light and dark, please. Given the circumstances they would be traumatized, but the people around them would be making efforts for them and the other children. If you're one of the Nimloth-survives type, it's fine by me.
Summary: Elwing is a troubled child, acting out to avoid facing the trauma of her past. During the survivors' first Yule at Sirion, mariners from Balar bring gifts to the refugees, and inspired by their benevolence, Elwing and Eärendil remake an old tradition into a new symbol of hope. For talullahred.
Word Count: 6,300

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Salt for Keiliss from Red Lasbelin

Author: Red Lasbelin
Title: Salt
Rating: PG
Theme: Yuletide Exchange
Elements: Erestor, dawn, ochre, salt
Author's Notes: They would not cooperate with dawn, dear. I really hope you enjoy this.
Beta: E. Moulan
Summary: Erestor and Gil-galad take a mental health day at the beach.
Word Count: 2,012

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