January 23rd, 2017

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On the Job Learning by Dreamflower

Author: Dreamflower
Title: On the Job Learning
Rating: G j
Theme: January Potluck Challenge
Prompt: "Frodo was 12 when Sam was born, 14 when Merry was born, and 22 when Pippin was born. I'd love to read a story where he's interacting with one of his baby cousins (or Sam)".
Author's Notes: This story has an OC of mine, Merry's nursemaid, who has appeared in several of my other stories. It's not necessary to have read them to understand this story. In fact, chronologically speaking, this will be her first appearance.
Hobbit ages--I go by the fanon two-thirds ratio, which means that at 14, Frodo is about the same physically and emotionally as an 8½ to 9 year old Man-child, and at nearly a year old, Merry is closer to our idea of 8 months old. I have arbitrarily given Merry the birthday of Feb. 14 (or Solmath 14 in the Shire Calendar) because I felt the date symbolically suited my idea of his personality as a rather gallant and romantic hobbit.
At this point in time in canon, the Master and Mistress of Brandy Hall are Merry's grandfather and grandmother, Rorimac and Menegilda. I have given Saradoc the title of Son of the Hall, and Esmeralda is referred to as "the young Mistress".
Summary: Merry's new nursemaid must learn that her job is more than just taking care of the baby. Sometimes it's letting someone else do that job.
Word Count: 3,432

On the Job Learning

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LotR Challenges 7 by Dreamflower

January 2017 Potluck Links

The January potluck entries have been posted. Only two stories were in the queue with much more interest expressed initially, so please remember that late entries are perfectly acceptable. I will unlock them and add them to the list as they come in. Please check out the potluck stories and consider leaving the author a review!

Artanis's Letter by talullahred. Nienna and her student, Artanis, talk about family matters.

Baby Sam by kgreen20. During a Yule visit to Bag End following his parents’ death, Frodo meets baby Samwise.

Detour by dawn_felagund. It is the Fifth Age of Arda. Finarfin has unkinged himself and declared Tirion a democracy, and the Noldorin people are alive with the possibilities to be found in their new existence. Yet Maedhros, more than ten years after his release from the halls of Mandos, has retreated to a life of apathy and loneliness, until one day, Anairë comes to deliver him news that he never hoped to receive: His cousin Fingon has been released from Mandos. (Maedhros/Fingon)

A Friend Here by talullahred. Beruthiel is angry and alone but someone is ready to enter her life.

On the Job Learning by dreamflower02. Merry's new nursemaid must learn that her job is more than just taking care of the baby. Sometimes it's letting someone else do that job.

The Tribute of the Insects by blslarner. Even the insects of Gondor appear willing to honor the new King!

Waiting for News by lin4gondor. Fathers wait for news of their sons.

Authors, I will be adding any stories to the MPTT archive at the end of the week that haven't been added already. I will let you know when I do, but if you get a chance to get your story added before then, that would be a tremendous help. I've created the January 2017 challenge series and you can add your story to the challenge series, or I will do so at the end of the week.

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