March 17th, 2017


"A Light Exists in Spring" by Independence1776

Author: Independence1776
Title: A Light Exists in Spring
Rating: PG
Theme: Spring Fever
Elements: Healing herbs (poppy)
Author's Notes: The title comes from an Emily Dickinson poem of the same name. This was also written for some B2MeM 2017 prompts, specifically the first few on the Purple path and one on the Red. My thanks to brookeoflorien for the beta.
Summary: Maglor receives help in making a life-changing decision.
Word Count: 1283

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Spring Fever: "Doctoring" (PG) by Febobe

Author: Frodo Baggins of Bag End (FBoBE/”Febobe”)
Title: Doctoring
Rating: PG for some thematic darkness only – no sex, slash, violence, or profanity
Theme: Spring Fever
Elements: Feverfew
Author's Notes: I went with some less common uses of feverfew – it’s most commonly employed for migraines, but it does have some references to use for iron-deficiency anemia/as a tonic, and for insect bites, pain, and “nerves.” I chose to go with its more unusual employment, as I suspect Shire ladyhobbits might be well versed in such uses, and b/c I wanted to do something a little unexpected and a little closer to gapfiller…I know, I know, everyone who knows me and my crackfic and AUs must be choking on her laugher right now. 😉 Seriously. I wanted to go with something a little less “out there.” I hope you enjoy this one!
Summary: Frodo languishes after his return to the Shire…but Rose Cotton has the best medicine….
Word Count: 4450

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