April 16th, 2017


On the Need for the King - by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: On the Need for the King
Rating: PG
Theme: Poetry: Ode
Elements: rhyming words verdant/urgent
Author's Notes: This will be included within a longer work that answers the last two challenges, to be posted I hope this week. For Inzilbeth_Liz for her birthday.
Summary: An ode regarding the arrival of the King Returned during the Battle of the Pelennor.
Word Count: 100 (including title!)

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"In Praise of the Feast at Ivrin", by Himring

Author: Himring
Title: In Praise of the Feast at Ivrin
Rating: G
Theme: Ode to Arda
Elements: mist/kissed
Author's Notes: This is a poem in praise of a canonical event of the First Age. I've dropped the requirement of regular metre entirely, I'm afraid, but I have tried to retain the three-part structure that classical odes often have. Also, as Tolkien says of Nienna, my song of praise turned to lamentation before its end...
Summary: Of the Feast of Reuniting at the pools of Ivrin it is said that the joy of that feast was long remembered in later days of sorrow.
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Maid Maleen

Of Him They Do Not Sing by LadyBrooke

Author: LadyBrooke
Title: Of Him They Do Not Sing
Rating: Gen
Theme: Ode To Arda
Elements: word pair: spring/king
Author's Notes: I tried writing this, specifically a pindaric ode because I am bad at meter (really, at any type of structured poetry). Also, there's a surrounding story that explains where this ode comes from, because it felt lacking on its own. Title borrows inspiration from Tolkien's poem about Gil-galad ("Of him the harpers sadly sing")
Summary: Celebrían asks her father to explain why the Silvan were singing of Denethor being the forgotten king. He does so, and then sings the whole ode for her.
Word Count: 630

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